Waverly’s Costume Rank: ★★★★★

Dad’s Costume Rank: ★★★★★

Halloween Costume 2002
Grandma’s custom-made hat
for Waverly.

When Waverly’s first “actionable” Halloween rolled around (actionable = the ability to walk), we began to search for costume ideas. I did not wish to focus on the macabre aspect of Halloween costumes but rather use the chance to show Waverly strong female role models. Who better a role model than Minnie Pearl if you live in Nashville? Besides, she was a family friend when she was alive and babysat me shortly after I was born.

Please, no flash photography.


Waverly’s grandmother fashioned a miniature trademark Minnie Pearl hat replete with tag and all we needed was a dress and shoes. When asked how she made the hat, my mother replied, “I just took an old raffia shopping bag, cut it into strips and patched them back together” Simplicity at its best considering she once made a 15-foot wide Minnie Pearl hat out of woven beige plastic trash bags for Minnie’s museum.

the big night

Waverly’s one-year-old stamina not really being up to Halloween snuff yet, I spent the early evening driving Waverly to a few select houses. Buckling and unbuckling a child from a car seat at 5-minute intervals was not a lot of fun, but our Halloween die was cast. I do love our nickname for this costume: Minnie-me Pearl.


This hat currently resides in the permanent archive of “things saved for Waverly’s future.”