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Waverly’s Costume Rank: ★★½*

Dad’s Costume Rank: ★★★★★

Halloween Costume 2008
Early sketch—frame and foam.
Note volcano on head.

Waverly’s favorite movie of 2008 was “Night at the Museum” (released in 2006, but not seen by Waverly until the DVD came out). If you have seen the movie, you will remember the character named Dum-Dum—an Easter Island stone head that comes to life with other museum attractions when the museum closes. This costume was a challenge but we were driven by the possible rewards of the final product.


Natasha and I had to learn new skills such as foam rubber engineering and gluing. Gluing is easy. A special spray adhesive works like magic when attaching foam pieces. Surfacing foam rubber is not easy. We finally found “spray gesso” which was used as a primer and “stone” spray paint as the final layer. Without the gesso, the spray paint would have dissolved the foam rubber.

Waverly, firmly ensconced in foam.

An armature was built from heavy aluminum wire covered in foam pipe insulation. The armature rested on Waverly’s shoulders and rose up to a circle, not unlike a halo. The foam costume could then be lowered over Waverly and rest on the armature. If I had it to do over, I would have made the armature stronger as the wire bent too easily during use and pratfalls. Waverly played with the armature like a James Bond jet pack.

Waverly parades around in foam rubber.

We missed using our Live Wire from the cat costume so we dug out our scrap pieces and made glowing eyes—only one battery pack (embedded in the nose and controllable by Waverly)!

Arms and legs.

the big night

The only problem with this costume that we should have anticipated is that Waverly’s shining face (her calling card) was obscured far too much for her taste. Waverly knows how to work her audience but she was too constricted in her interactions while encased in fake stone. We will make every attempt to never cover her face again or let the costume concept overpower her personality.

The use of the mouth as a candy bag seemed logical but in practice the mouth was too low for people to access, or perhaps they were too afraid to stick their hands inside. In the end, Waverly opted for a normal bag. You would think we would have learned by now that some Halloween traditions are not to be tinkered with.

Easter Island Head
Original source.

Aside from a few well-padded tumbles because Waverly could not see her feet we had a splendid evening. I was reminded of the movie “Flubber” as Waverly would fall on her giant faux stone foam nose and bounce right back up.


Special thanks for one particular neighbor who knew of our plans in advance, and provided Waverly with a giant pack of gum when she came to their door. After all, you gotta give Dum-Dum lots of gum-gum.

* Waverly loved the concept and the look of the costume. She did not enjoy the functional aspect of the costume.


Walking home from our rounds in 2014, I asked Waverly what was her favorite costume over the years. To my surprise, she stated that Dum Dum was her favorite. Perhaps she was just cold and remembered the R-value of the foam. Funny how memories shift over time.